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Reference Name Bride Groom Wed Date Username Password
Abbie Jayne Green and James Alexander Green Abbie Green James Green 09 Apr 15 Abbie72 James26
Aliesha Aitcheson and Steve Butcher Aliesha Aitcheson Steve Butcher 14 Mar 15 Aliesha61 Steve46
Alissa Lang and Christopher Collins Alissa Lang Christopher Collins 05 Jul 14 Alissa22 Christopher64
Allison Jane Barge and Paul Sidney Grimison Allison Barge Paul Grimison 15 Jan 15 Allison76 Paul99
Amy Cuthbert and Colin Harper-Penman Amy Cuthbert Colin Harper-Penman 18 May 14 Amy71 Colin38
Amy Louisa White and Gaetan Louis Sadak Coet Amy White Gaetan Coet 17 May 14 Amy99 Gaetan46
Anna Cathryn Leeson and Jamie Aaron Mason Anna Leeson Jamie Mason 28 Feb 15 Anna28 Jamie98
Anna Pallant and Jordan Nigrelli Anna Pallant Jordan Nigrelli 19 Mar 15 Anna92 Jordan40
Ashleigh Hutt and Nicholas Russo Ashleigh Hutt Nicholas Russo 06 Sep 14 Ashleigh28 Nicholas58
Cassie Chapman and Chris Dunn Cassie Chapman Chris Dunn 29 Mar 15 Cassie86 Chris40
Cherilee Stephen and Leigh Summers Cherilee Stephen Leigh Summers 26 May 15 Cherilee82 Leigh74
Claire Louise Henderson and Lee Joseph Hill Claire Henderson Lee Hill 03 Apr 15 Claire80 Lee30
Claire Towerzey and Drew Bertoni Claire Towerzey Andrew Bertoni 07 Sep 14 Claire86 Andrew93
Clare Mary Joyce and James Mullarkey Clare Joyce James Mullarkey 01 Jul 15 Clare21 James34
Darrien Chow and Shawn Minnie Darrien Chow Shawn Minnie 24 Feb 15 Darrien69 Shawn30
Donna Marie Diamond and John James Dempsey Donna Diamond John Dempsey 19 Sep 14 Donna24 John75
Elicia Sutherland and Jarryd Francis-Pester Elicia Sutherland Jarryd Francis-Pester 12 Sep 14 Elicia41 Jarryd16
Elizabeth Ann Carter and James Austin Tuohy Elizabeth Carter James Tuohy 28 Oct 14 Liz15 James47
Emma Louise McKeough and Matthew John Stevens Emma McKeough Matthew Stevens 05 Apr 15 Emma77 Matthew62
Emmalee Flinn and Paul Michael Sayers Emmalee Flinn Paul Sayers 19 Jul 14 Emma92 Paul74
Erin Louise Gosling and George William Douventzidis Erin Gosling George Douventzidis 30 Apr 14 Erin49 George20
Estelle Tan and John Speers Sophia Tan John Speers 15 May 15 Sophia25 John45
Feng Shen and Evgeny Karataev Feng Shen Evgeny Karataev 15 Aug 14 Feng79 Evgeny13
Fiona Jane Bool and Nicholas Charles Roake Fiona Bool Nicholas Roake 26 Feb 16 Fiona84 Nicholas63
Fiona Jayne Sanders and Matthew Stephen Thornton-Turp Fiona Sanders Matthew Thornton-Turp 19 Apr 16 Fiona25 Matthew74
Floriane Goest and Alan Hagues Floriane Goest Alan Hagues 19 May 14 Floriane27 Alan33
Gavin Paul Meyrick and Michael David Bird Michael Bird Gavin Meyrick 14 Jun 14 Michael72 Gavin85
Hannah Laura Lawson and Garry John Bell Hannah Lawson Garry Bell 06 Apr 15 Hannah39 Garry70
Harriet Tully and Andy Rossol Harriet Tully Andy Rossol 02 Apr 15 Harriet55 Andy15
Heidi Brennan and Iain Patterson Heidi Brennan Iain Patterson 05 May 15 Heidi77 Iain23
Helena Jonjic and Peter Stojnic Helena Jonjic Predrag Stojnic 10 Aug 14 Helena23 Peter24
Jade Nurthen and Adam Scott Jade Nurthen Adam Scott 08 Jan 15 Jade61 Adam33
Janet Eastham and Anthony Richard Harris Janet Eastham Anthony Harris 13 Dec 14 Janet94 Anthony26
Jasmina Lazic and Kristian King Jasmina Lazic Kristian King 24 Mar 15 Jasmina85 Kristian39
Jayne McKinlay and Sabina Kubica Jayne McKinlay Sabina Kubica 16 Jan 15 Jayne82 Sabina33
Jennifer Allen and Thomas Brennan Jennifer Allen Thomas Brennan 20 Jul 14 Jennifer83 Thomas82
Jenny Sills and Elliott Brett Jenny Sills Elliott Brett 07 Aug 15 Jenny20 Elliott70
Jessica Elizabeth Marie Dalton-Brown and Martin James Shepherdson Jessica Dalton-Brown Martin Shepherdson 21 Mar 15 Jessica14 Martin95
Jessica Jean Kell and Mitchell Brian Hall Jessica Kell Mitchell Hall 29 Apr 15 Jessica66 Mitchell55
Jessica Ruth McCallum and Mark Angelo Saracino Jessica McCallum Mark Saracino 08 Jul 14 Jessica71 Mark80
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Showing 1 - 40 of 93 Records