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Reference Name Bride Groom Wed Date Username Password
Abi Hands and Rob Bentley Abigail Hands Robert Bentley 10 Aug 16 Abigail63 Robert26
Aisling Smyth and James Heavey Aisling Smyth James Heavey 08 Mar 16 Aisling64 James35
Alison Cassells and Benny Palmqvist Alison Cassells Benny Palmqvist 16 Mar 16 Alison78 Benny54
Amanda Boock and Richard Howells Amanda Boock Richard Howells 27 Jul 15 Amanda64 Richard61
Amy Jane Billitteri and James Edward Baker Amy Billitteri James Baker 11 Apr 17 Amy89 James36
Andrew Lansdell and Victoria Hutchings Victoria Hutchings Andrew Lansdell 02 Apr 16 Victoria63 Andrew89
Angie Frances Johnston and Raynard Henning Van Zyl Angie Johnston Raynard Van Zyl 23 Jan 16 Angie21 Raynard27
Anne-Laure Martin and Darren Amor Anne-Laure Martin Darren Amor 13 Aug 15 Anne-Laure23 Darren91
Anthony Palin and Hannah Lee Hannah Lee Anthony Palin 30 Dec 15 Hannah41 Anthony73
Becky Dray and Sam Rose Rebecca Dray Samuel Rose 10 Jul 15 Becky74 Sam73
Birgit Schmidt and Christian Kotal Birgit Schmidt Christian Kotal 19 Aug 15 Birgit11 Christian54
Bobby Walker and Nadia Maria Woods Nadia Woods Bobby Walker 03 Aug 15 Nadia50 Bobby26
Caroline Palvig and Gareth Steele Caroline Palvig Gareth Steele 15 Mar 16 Caroline25 Gareth63
Catherine Anne Rose Jeffers and Martin Richard Bates Catherine Jeffers Martin Bates 04 Dec 15 Catherine42 Martin72
Chantelle Louise Shilling and Liam Paul Tye Chantelle Shilling Liam Tye 06 Aug 16 Chantelle86 Liam16
Charlotte Hill and William Holdsworth Charlotte Hill William Holdsworth 03 Jan 16 Charlotte50 William72
Christie Sarah Moloney and Michael Joseph Ferguson Christie Moloney Michael Ferguson 26 Mar 16 Christie62 Michael23
Christopher James Seet Sin Yee and Marcus Tan Kian Peng Christopher Seet Marcus Tan 08 Aug 15 Christopher86 Marcus92
Clare Mary Joyce and James Mullarkey Clare Joyce James Mullarkey 01 Jul 15 Clare21 James34
Estelle Tan and John Speers Sophia Tan John Speers 15 May 15 Sophia25 John45
Fiona Jane Bool and Nicholas Charles Roake Fiona Bool Nicholas Roake 26 Feb 16 Fiona84 Nicholas63
Fiona Jayne Sanders and Matthew Stephen Thornton-Turp Fiona Sanders Matthew Thornton-Turp 19 Apr 16 Fiona25 Matthew74
Franziska Eisenberger and Benjamin Langer Franziska Eisenberger Benjamin Langer 04 Jan 16 Franziska10 Benjamin87
Geetha Periakarpan and James Peter fay Geetha Periakarpan james Fay 08 Jan 16 Geetha70 james70
Gemma Woodbine and Christopher Kibui Gemma Woodbine Christopher Kibui 18 Jun 15 Gemma36 Christopher17
Hayley Kay Griffiths and Carl Simon Heszelgraves Hayley Griffiths Carl Heszelgraves 04 Apr 16 Hayley18 Carl63
Heidi Brennan and Iain Patterson Heidi Brennan Iain Patterson 05 May 15 Heidi77 Iain23
Helia Mahdavi and Christopher Mehdi Sanhaji Helia Mahdavi Christopher Sanhaji 27 Nov 15 Helia93 Christopher80
Jaye Neara and Scott Trenwith Jaye Neara Scott Trenwith 10 Apr 16 Jaye97 Scott31
Jennifer Baugh and Richard Walker Jennifer Baugh Richard Walker 17 Aug 15 Jennifer60 Richard37
Jenny Sills and Elliott Brett Jenny Sills Elliott Brett 07 Aug 15 Jenny20 Elliott70
Jessica Elizebeth Davidson and Benjamin George Dawson Jessica Davidson Benjamin Dawson 31 Oct 15 Jessica52 Benjamin93
Jessica Jean Kell and Mitchell Brian Hall Jessica Kell Mitchell Hall 29 Apr 15 Jessica66 Mitchell55
Jovis Thean and James Phillip King Jovis Thean James King 04 Jul 15 Jovis97 James42
Katie Simpson and Andy Jackson Katie Simpson Andrew Jackson 23 May 15 Katie21 Andy71
Keiya Tailor and Mark Field Keiya Tailor Mark Field 05 Apr 16 Keiya68 Mark19
Kelly Anne Plug and Mark William Johnson Kelly Plug Mark Johnson 14 Jun 16 Kelly48 Mark74
Kelly Turner and Steven Jody Goodrich Kelly Turner Steven Goodrich 12 Apr 16 Kelly60 Steven93
Kriztina Louise Marks and Johnathan James Burns Kriztina Marks Johnathan Burns 05 Mar 16 Kriztina48 Johnathan13
Laura Gallop and Matthew Hobson Laura Gallop Matthew Hobson 02 Jun 16 Laura79 Matthew96
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Showing 1 - 40 of 68 Records